Hello and Welcome!

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Hi to my fellow wanderers, readers, bloggers and dreamers!

I’m Louise Jones, a solo traveller, hailing from the UK.

After some major life changes last year, I finally visited some of the amazing places that I’d long been itching to see!

I’ve decided to collate and publish my travel musings for the enjoyment of others. My style is eloquent and honest.

I highly recommend that you go somewhere new and try wandering with abandon.. it’s extremely liberating!

I travel for fun. I don’t like following rules. Getting lost doesn’t mean feeling lost. I have already found myself. So I Wander with Abandon.

Where to Next?

I want to return to my beloved Peru and then properly explore South America; particularly Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil.

Despite the devastating earthquakes; I want to visit beautiful Nepal.

I’d like to see the wonders of mystifying China.

I would love to tour scenic New Zealand.

I need to see more of Europe and buzzing Barcelona is enticing me.

Life’s Synchronicities

I believe that no matter where you are in the world, certain people will cross your path at certain times for a reason. You feel a connection and you learn from each other. This benefits your spiritual growth as a human being. Some people stay with you for just a day, and others for a whole lifetime, but nothing is forever. Our beautiful planet won’t be around forever, and there are so many wonderous, life affirming things to see! So why not pack a bag and explore.. You won’t regret it!

Louise x

2 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

    • Thanks Amy! I know Ryan personally and I’m so pleased that he’s supporting my new blog.
      I’ve added his link to mine too. I’m enjoying following his Israeli adventure as it happens.
      I’ve just checked out your website and wow! I am blown away.
      You are clearly very tenacious, you really know your stuff, and the sound advice that you give is top notch!


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